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Colin Cowherd Says This Team Would Be the 'Perfect Place' For Derek Carr

Colin Cowherd: “People are speculating that the Jets are a very, very good fit for Derek Carr but they fired their offensive coordinator yesterday. I did not think that was a great move. I think another team in that division is literally a perfect place for Derek Carr and that is Miami. The Miami Dolphins are literally perfect. You get the left tackle— he's great for protection, the two fastest wide receivers arguably in the league, a top tight end in Mike Gesicki, you have a coach in Mike McDaniel, let's be honest it's the Niners system. Tua was leading in Pro Bowl votes with it, and Brock Purdy is rolling in this thing. Brock Purdy and Tua in this system are Pro Bowl-level quarterbacks. What do you think Derek Carr sees? Derek Carr's like ‘Tua??’,’ Brock Purdy??’… What's Derek Carr gonna do with this? I know everybody's falling in love with the fit but the game changer here is it's Derek Carr's call. It's HIS call [Carr has a no-trade clause], and because of that the Raiders won't get as much in return as they want. Ask yourself this, if Derek Carr says ‘I want to go to Miami’ and he tells the Raiders that's my place and that's where I would go, Miami maybe doesn't have to give up as much. Derek Carr has the no trade clause and that's gonna be good for him. I think Miami's perfect. Good God, Brock Purdy, Tua, and Jimmy Garoppolo have sliced up this offense. I mean, let's not forget how good Tua was in September and October. I mean, brand new system, first game, first week, Tua was dropping dimes all over the field so it's not a difficult system apparently to consume and regurgitate. Tua figured it out in one week, Brock Purdy was great first half. I didn't love the Jets firing their OC, that's not very attractive if I'm Derek Carr.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Miami Dolphins are the ‘perfect place’ for Derek Carr next season, as the three-time Pro Bowler is expected to be traded this offseason.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Carr’s no-trade clause will pay off for Carr, effectively limited Carr's potential destinations to a handful of intriguing Super Bowl contenders.

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