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Colin Cowherd Says He 'Feels Sorry' For This NBA Star

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Colin Cowherd: “There’s this player I really like but I’ve felt sorry for him. There's lots of people in America who are super talented and work really hard but they have bad bosses, they’re in a company with a corrosive culture, and they’re not appreciated. Bradley Beal is one of those people. Eleven years with the Wizards, three coaches, different general managers, the immature John Wall [was his teammate]… He was always committed, always classy, always productive. I don’t know how you don’t love this fit and love that guy. Never complained, loyal team guy in a corrosive clown car. He’ll be so appreciative and so energized by Phoenix. He’s a good guy and a good player who will finally get to a good team. Let me give you an example of where I’ve seen this before... Matt Stafford. Twelve years in the chaos of Detroit, then he finally got a legitimate owner, a legitimate coach, and some really good players, and won a Super Bowl. Kevin Garnett, twelve years of nonsense in Minnesota, then finally got to a legitimate organization surrounded by really good players, a winning organization, and got the Celtics a ring. Bradley Beal is one of two NBA players in the last four years to average more than 30 points per game multiple times. He’s doing the opposite of Aaron Rodgers. Aaron is going to a young team with an unproven coach and is going to be a little bit of a ‘savior’. Bradley Beal is going to a team full of guys that have been around with a championship-winning coach. I don’t know how anybody doubts this, but he is the story you see a lot in this great country. Talented people, corrosive environments, and somebody goes ‘ya know, if you just give them a better coach, better environment, less chaos, and better teammates...’ I CAN’T WAIT to watch Bradley Beal FINALLY in a great spot.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Bradley’s Beal’s fit with his new Phoenix Suns teammates and explain why he thinks Beal could become the next Matthew Stafford and Kevin Garnett type story in majors sports, as a long-time star of a losing organization that wins a championship the moment they’re finally in a winning environment.

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