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Daughter of Super Bowl Champion Among 4 Killed in Airshow Crashes

Devyn Reiley, daughter of two-time Super Bowl champion Bruce Collie was among four people killed in separate crashes that took place at an airshow in Wisconsin on Saturday (July 29).

Reiley, 30, of Guadalupe, Texas, and her co-pilot Zach Colliemoreno, were identified as the two individuals killed in the first of two fatal crashes that took place at the AirVenture Oshkosh airshow, according to an Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) news release. Reiley and Colliemoreno were flying a World War II-era T-6 Texan that had reached 3,900-feet before spinning uncontrollably and plummeting into Lake Winnebago, according to witnesses.

“I thought they were doing a trick at first,” said Brayden Hiebing, who was fishing in the lake when the crash took place, via NBC 26. “I heard the plane start coming out of the sky, and it started like spinning and all of a sudden it just made a big splash."

The bodies of Reiley and Colliemoreno were located by divers later in the evening and an investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing.

Helicopter pilot Mark Peterson, 69, and passenger Thomas Volz, 72, were both killed in a separate crash involving an ELA 10 Eclipse gyrocopter and a RotorWay162F helicopter that collided in mid-air at around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Two other individuals were hospitalized in relation to the crash, but reported to be in stable condition, according to the EAA.

Reiley co-owned a Texas-based flight school with her husband, Hunter, who was also present at the airshow over the weekend. The couple had recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

Collie was a member of the San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIII and XXIV winning teams, having spent his first five NFL seasons with the franchise, as well as his final two with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1990 and 1991.

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