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Jason Whitlock: Why Deion is to Blame for Jewelry Theft of Colorado Players

Jason Whitlock: “I want to make sure everyone has their tissue ready, you Deion groupies are going to start whining and crying. I’ve got your Kleenex right here... Deion and his team’s locker room got robbed during the UCLA game and it appears like UCLA’s locker room also got robbed... Deion is arguing that the NCAA should reimburse his players for their ‘mistake’, or ‘breach of security’ in Los Angeles. This blows my mind; that the Rose Bowl ‘owes these kids money’ and they should be ‘reimbursed.’ That’s not how life works. [Deion said] ‘we dropped the ball, we should have told them about insurance. We’re telling them how to maintain their finances.’ This is the part of the stuff that annoys me about Deion, particularly being 56. You cant ‘maintain your finances’ buying gold chains. It’s a dumb investment. As a coach and as an adult, I don’t want to be relatable to kids. I want to give people sound advice. ‘Hey guys, DON’T buy gold chains, it’s STUPID.’ If we’re paying you 100, 200, $500,000 through N.I.L., take that money and invest in stocks and bonds. Take that money and buy real estate. Take that money and don’t waste it on gold chains and material items that are meant to cover up your insecurities. That’s why Deion Sanders at 56 is still wearing big gold chains and sunglasses, and he’s all worried about his appearance. Why do you need your gold chains on a football trip? I know Deion has it, and that’s the message he’s sending to those kids in that locker room, that gold chains are important. But at what point does Deion snap out of it and act like a mature adult that realizes ‘hey, some of the things I may have done in my youth, and my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or some of the things I may have even done last year are actually inappropriate and I should tell kids ‘hey, don’t do it.’ But Deion is going to Deion. // When Deion was at Jackson State he was angry and complained about getting robbed at Jackson State, and now he comes back and gets robbed in California at the Rose Bowl and it’s ‘HEY, NCAA, REIMBURSE THESE KIDS!’ He seemed to have a different energy as it related to what happened in Los Angeles. // I don’t care where Deion came from 40 years ago, these pampered, elite athletes that have spent 40, 45 years, or even 15-20 years being worshiped – they have no street sense at all, they’re pampered elites. When Deion is inviting the rap world into his locker room, into his sideline, into his game day experience, into his all-week experience, he’s inviting the gang criminal world into his environment. Many of them do a lot of ‘business’ in California and in Los Angeles. You invite the rappers in, they’re connected to gang members, when they go back home: 'man, the Rolex Shedeur got, the gold chains that Shilo has, the gold chains that all these players have, they’re making all this N.I.L. money, and man, their locker room looks like a jewelry store.’ So when the people you’ve invited into your environment go back home and start gossiping about you, you’ve put a bullseye on their back. ‘They [Colorado] coming to LA? We gonna get at them. That will be a nice score.’ You got a bunch of idiots flying in from Colorado with their gold chains and cash, ‘that’s gonna be a nice score. I gotta friend who works security at the Rose Bowl!’ All of this flash, in-your-face, ‘HEY, LOOK AT MY ROLEX!’ after the game.... you’re putting a bullseye on your kids. These dudes have no street sense. There’s a reason rappers get killed constantly. They run with a criminal element that doesn’t mind killing people and doesn’t mind snatching chains off of people. Deion looks cool, looks the part, and ‘HE’S PART OF THE CULTURE!’... This is a simp. This is someone with no street sense, and at 56, still wearing gold chains running around like a little kid, and he’s preparing these young men for life after football? Give me a break. Deion and that culture that he’s created at Colorado put those kids in harm’s way. But now he wants the NCAA or the Rose Bowl to bail out HIS mistake?” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock discuss the news of the Colorado football team having their locker room robbed last week during their trip to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA, as Whitlock pushes back on Deion Sanders' comments about wanting his players reimbursed by the NCAA or the Rose Bowl for the stolen jewelry.  

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks Coach Prime is actually entirely to blame for the incident, saying he helped cultivate a ‘gold chain’, ‘Rolex’ and ‘gangster rap’ culture at Colorado that effectively put a bullseye on his entire team’s back.

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