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Clay Travis on Brian Flores Lawsuit: ‘Doesn’t Have a Lot of Legitimacy’

Clay Travis: “Steve Wilks, who was fired after one year as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, is arguing that he was fired because he was Black, and Ray Horton is also saying the same thing. Steve Wilks went 3-13, everything fell apart, and he was fired. Listen to Steve Wilks’ resume when he was hired. He was the defensive backs coach with the Carolina Panthers, then the defensive backs coach with an ‘assistant head coach’ title, and then he was the defensive coordinator for a year with the Panthers. He then had the head coaching job with the Cardinals. He’s had a couple different head coach jobs before. He was the head coach at Savannah State for 11 games and went 5-6. He came in last place with the Arizona Cardinals and went 3-13, they then fired him after a year. They also kicked Josh Rosen, their first round draft pick to the curb. They then went and drafted Kyler Murray and hired Kliff Kingsbury, and wanted to pair him with Kyler Murray. Wilks said that was ‘racist’ and that he was ‘unfairly treated based on the fact that he was Black.’ Interesting argument, to me doesn’t seem to have a lot of legitimacy behind it. He has since been the defensive coordinator for the Browns, and also the defensive coordinator at Missouri. I believe he was fired as the DC at Missouri because his defense was not very good, and he is now a defensive coach with the Panthers. Ray Horton says that he has been discriminated against because he is Black. Ray Horton’s resume is somewhat interesting as well – he’s been a defensive coordinator with the Browns, Cardinals, Browns again, and he was the Washington Redskins defensive backs coach in 2019. He was Hugh Jackson’s defensive coordinator, and obviously things did not go well in Cleveland so that resume was not very impressive. How do you prove when you don’t have a very good record as a head coach that you have been discriminated against? Brian Flores, to me, blew it and would have gotten the Houston Texans job if he hadn’t filed this lawsuit. Instead, he’s an assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brian Flores blew it because he then said 'Love Smith is an inferior coach to me and the only reason he got the job is because I sued the league.' Well, 1) that’s an insult to Love Smith 2) when you look at Steve Wilks and Ray Horton, do any of these guys have the successful resumes that would suggest that they have been treated unfairly? Steve Wilks got the head coaching job for a year with the Arizona Cardinals and was the worst coach in the league in terms of record -- because the Cardinals rose up to get the number one overall pick and then much of the roster appears to have turned against him. Are you really arguing that the Arizona Cardinals didn’t have justification to fire a coach after he posted the worst record in the league? For Ray Horton, his defenses at Cleveland did not do very well and he was fired by Hugh Jackson, who did certainly not do very well either. In other words, it’s hard to argue in a league as competitive as the NFL that the reason that you were fired is because you were Black when you’re performance was not good. Brian Flores has a better argument because his performance was not awful and because he didn’t get a job. The problem is, he filed his lawsuit halfway through his interview process so as a result I don’t think these guys [Steve Wilks and Ray Horton] strengthen his claim very much at all because they aren’t that successful as head coaches.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage discuss the news of two more NFL coaches, Steve Wilks and Ray Horton, joining Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL alleging racial discrimination within league hiring circles.

Check out the video above as Clay details why Wilks, the former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, and Horton, a journeyman assistant coach, don’t really have compelling cases of wrongful termination given their lukewarm levels of success.

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