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Resurfaced Clip Confirmed Manning's Bill Belichick-Pamela Anderson Story

A resurfaced clip of former NFL long snapper David Binn shows him confirming a story involving his former girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick told by Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning earlier this week.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman shared a spliced clip showing Manning and Binn separately retelling a story in which Belichick implies that he selected Binn as the long snapper for the AFC Pro Bowl team solely to get Anderson, his girlfriend at the time, to Hawaii.

"He picked David Binn, who was a long snapper, 'cause he was dating Pamela Anderson and Bill thought the players would like seeing Pamela at the pool in Hawaii," Manning said while speaking to the Ringer founder and lifelong Boston sports fan Bill Simmons, along with his brother and co-host, Eli Manning, during Monday's (December 12) live broadcast of the ManningCast. "She didn't come but that's a cool Belichick story."

The clip then shows Binn telling the same story during an appearance on the ProFootballDoc Podcast in June 2022.

"I'm walking by Bill and he looks at me and he's like, 'hey, where's your girlfriend?' And I said, 'oh, Pam? She didn't come out.' And he goes, 'remind me why the f*** I invited you out here then.' And he gave me this deadpan look and I thought he was kidding but he didn't crack a smile and then I was like, 'wait, he serious? Is he kidding?' I just walked off like, I couldn't figure it out," Binn said.

"I think I just laughed it off and I was like, 'wait, what? He really wanted me to bring Pam, s***. Should I call her right now?'" Binn added while laughing.

Binn and Anderson dated from 2007 to 2008 and the former long snapper made his lone Pro Bowl appearance in January 2007.

The San Mateo native spent 17 seasons with the then-San Diego Chargers (1994-2010) and was signed to the Denver Broncos one day prior to their playoff game against Belichick's Patriots in January 2012.

Manning, a five-time NFL MVP, was selected to the Pro Bowl for the seventh time in 2006, having totaled 14 selections during his Hall of Fame career.

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