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Colin Cowherd Says These Are the Best and Worst Fits For Tom Brady in 2023

 Watch Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre discuss possible destinations for Tom Brady in 2023, as both Jason and Colin don’t believe the 45-year-old Brady will be returning to a punchless Bucs team that appears to be on a doomed trajectory back to irrelevance.

Here are the best and worst fits according to Colin:

Are the 49ers a great fit? “It’s the best fit. Lots of weapons, smart coach, run-game dominant, excellent defense, not a heavy lift, and he’d be surrounded by playmakers.”
Are the Patriots are a good fit? “NO. Defensive coach, no weapons, Hunter Henry is the go-to most dependable guy, he left New England BECAUSE of that.”
Are the Raiders a good fit? “Yes. Hunter Renfro is a top 3 slot, Devante Adams – like Tom – is a workaholic and smart player, Josh McDaniels, they’ve got a left tackle, and they’ve got a pass rusher.”
Are the Jets a good fit? “Not terrible, but I would say it’s a defensive coach and their young receivers are kids. Tom generally likes like a Devante Adams or a Deebo. He’s not really a mentor. The offensive line is also a concern.”
Are the Dolphins a good fit? “YES, this is where he wanted to go initially. They’ve got star receivers, a left tackle, better than average running backs, defense isn’t great, but it’s like San Francisco with a better tax structure. Same coach and same system [as San Francisco]."
Are the Steelers a good fit? “No, because the defense isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s middle of the pack. They’ve got Kenny Pickett and it’s cold weather. It would just be further away from his aging parents.”
Are the Titans a good fit? “Kind of. Vrabel and him are tight, he’s got a defense, great running back, winnable division, get a home-field game.”
Are the Giants a good fit? “No, because I think they’re dysfunctional, they’ve got one playoff appearance since 2011. It’s cold weather, they have to rebuild their wide receiving unit and their offensive line, and I like Saquon Barkley but he’s already had one big injury, what if he has another?”
Are the Seahawks a good fit? “Am I crazy to say YES? Super Bowl-winning coach, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, excellent offensive line, star young running back, emerging corners, and a bunch of picks.”

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