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Colin Cowherd Makes His Six NFL Playoff Bets For Wildcard Weekend

Watch Colin Cowherd make his six betting picks for the upcoming NFL Wild Card games.

Ravens at Bengals (CIN -10)

I like the Ravens, it's now at -10. They've given Joe burrow issues and I do not like having to face a team back-to-back. Cincinnati's better, there's no question but this series and Baltimore culture made Brady earn every win, made Peyton earn every playoff win, they're built for this stuff. The line is ten, I have to take the Ravens."

Seahawks at 49ers (SF -9.5)

“Seahawks getting 9.5, in some places 10. The weather is going to be windy, cold, and wet, I know, I live here. We’re getting hit with what they call ‘cyclone bombs’, ‘pineapple express.’ You’re asking a rookie quarterback [Brock Purdy], first playoff game, Pete Carroll has been around the block, it’s not his first rodeo… The o-line for Seattle is not what it was in September when Charles Cross was impenetrable, but lousy weather, a completion percentage machine in Geno Smith, Brock Purdy makes an early mistake, Shanahan gets tight and restrictive, it feels like 24-17 to me, ugly, wet, and sloppy. Seattle feels like the side.”

Chargers at Jaguars (LAC -2.5)

“I don’t love this, Chargers -2.5. This concerns me… Mike Williams was not at practice on Thursday, but the Chargers defense in the last five weeks is different than it was earlier this year. The Jaguars in big spots this year have been very hot and cold, it kind of depends on the Sunday. The Jaguars are very young and it feels like they’re ahead of where we thought they would be post-Urban Meyer disaster. With the Chargers, there’s a little more urgency. They get rolled and Brandon Staley and that staff are out of work very possibly. You’ve got to win this game if you’re the Chargers. If Mike Williams can give me some reps I’m going to take the Chargers, -2.5.”

Cowboys at Bucs (DAL -2.5)

“Dallas off losses has followed all of them this year with multiple wins. It was Dak’s worst performance. I have a rule and it’s one of my only betting rules. When a B to B+ quarterback has a stinker, they read the press, they hear the press, they’re pissed, then always bounce back with a solid performance. Dallas is the better team. If you take out Mike Evans' performance against a fourth string running back, they can’t run, and haven’t been vertically successful. Tampa is totally one dimensional. I'm swallowing the points, I like the Cowboys."

Giants at Vikings (MIN -3)

“I initially LOVED the Giants getting three. Unless you’ve watched Minnesota you don’t realize how BAD Minnesota’s run defense is. It is atrocious, I think the Giants match up very well. But now everybody likes the Giants, and I am a contrarian. I don’t like betting what the public likes."

Dolphins at Bills (BUF -13.5)

 “Bills are now like a 13.5 favorite. I would take Buffalo, I think it’s going to be awful. 40-14.”

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