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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Wild Card Weekend

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Wild Card Weekend


Week 18 Blazin' 5 record: 3-2

Blazin' 5 season record: 44-37-4

Seahawks at 49ers (SPREAD: SF -9.5)

"This is my favorite pick, I'll take Seattle +9.5 to cover. Only one of their losses has been by 10+ points over the last 15 weeks and that was against the Chiefs. Geno Smith led the NFL, 70% completion rate, they can pick up four and five yards at a time. The weather is gonna be rainy and windy, do not expect an aerial circus by either team. Kenneth Walker— Seattle is 6-1 when he gets 15 carries this year. They're gonna rely on him in awful weather. Rookie quarterbacks—  Brock Purdy six career starts, rookie quarterbacks have five straight playoff losses, 1-8 in their last nine. I think he plays a little tight, the weather is awful, low scoring, I think the Niners win 24-16. This is a rivalry game, Pete Carroll against a rookie quarterback, I think it's choppy, ugly, low scoring, 24-16 Niners.”

Colin's prediction: 49ers 24, Seahawks 16.

Colin's pick: Seattle +9.5

Chargers at Jaguars (SPREAD: LAC -2.5)

“I changed my pick within the last hour, I will now take the Jaguars +2.5, Mike Williams is out. It is a real deal. Justin Herbert has 10 picks on the year and without Mike Williams he can sometimes force it to other people, it worries me. The Jaguars since Week 14, offensively they're rolling. They have got an identity which the Chargers don't have. They've also scored 111 points off turnovers, second most in the league, and the Chargers can occasionally turn the ball over. No Mike Williams, overly reliant on Keenan Allen, the Jags will know it, bracket him, I'm gonna take the Jags to beat the Chargers, I'll take the points, 27-26.”

Colin's prediction: Chargers 27, Jaguars 26.

Colin's pick: Jacksonville +2.5

Dolphins at Bills (SPREAD: BUF -13.5)

“I hate big favorites but I'm gonna roll with the Bills -13.5, I think they clobber Miami. Bills, seven- game winning streak, they've won eight of nine against Miami, and Miami beat them once this year so they respect the Dolphins. Josh Allen in the playoffs has been sensational, best in postseason history in total yards per game. So far he's really delivered when it matters. No. 7 seeds, that's the Dolphins, are 0-4 since the NFL adopted this additional playoff team. The Dolphins are the first team in NFL history to make the playoffs going 0-4 or worse in December. The Dolphins are beat up, multiple starters are nicked or out, I think the Bills win and cover, they clobber them, 33-13 Buffalo."

Colin's prediction: Bills 33, Dolphins 13.

Colin's pick: Buffalo -13.5

Ravens at Bengals (SPREAD: CIN -9.5)

“Rematch of Week 18, I have to take the Ravens +9.5. They play defense, they've got a good coach, Harbaugh's always been great in the postseason, and the last nine times the Bengals and Ravens have played the Ravens have won six of them. Harbaugh is 11-8 in the playoffs, they run the ball, they play great defense, and they're good situationally. Their defense since trading for Roquan Smith is top three in the league in all the stuff that matters. The Bengals left tackle is out, Alex Cappa is out, the o-line is banged up, and because of that they have not run the football as well late in the year. They could become reliant, very reliant with a big pass rush on throwing the ball downfield. I trust that Joe Burrow wins the game, 23-17 Bengals, but I am going to take the points. I don't like the fact they played last weekend, I just don't think that's good for the playoffs.”

Colin's prediction: Bengals 23, Ravens 17.

Colin's pick: Baltimore +9.5

Cowboys at Buccaneers (SPREAD: DAL -2.5)

"The Wise Guys, they call them the’ sharps’, they LOVE Tampa. I DON’T. I like the Cowboys -2.5, I think they win. They're coming off a 20-point loss. Capable, talented teams off humiliating losses generally focus in and play well the following week. Only one team, the Eagles, had more Pro Bowlers than Dallas, this is a good football team, at times really good. Dak will play better. He had a stinker. Aaron Rodgers has had bad games, Brady's had stinkers. The Bucs can't run the ball, averaged 18 points a game; I'm hearing all these things about ‘oh Todd Bowles will give you different looks!’… Mike McCarthy's been in this league 25 years, they're not going to be running that ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ stuff the Chiefs did. I think Dallas has better players, better momentum, and a better team coming off an ugly loss. They'll be completely and utterly focused. Cowboys win 24-20 on the road, and you'll feel like when you watch the game they controlled most of the game.”

Colin's prediction: Cowboys 24, Bucs 20.

Colin's pick: Dallas -2.5

All spreads are provided by Fox Bet. Spreads are posted when Blazin' 5 airs Friday at 2 pm ET and are subject to change.

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