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Why Patrick Mahomes is an Overrated Gimmick

Jason Brown: “Patrick Mahomes is overrated, nobody wants to talk about it… Can I give you a few stats real quick? Forty-one touchdowns this year, right? Leads the league. Guess where 18 of the 41 touchdowns are from? One to five yards range. He's thrown seven shovel passes for touchdowns. Guess where 12 touchdowns of the 41 are from? Six to ten yards. Eleven to 15 yards one touchdown. Sixteen to 20 yards he has four touchdowns. He has zero touchdowns thrown 20-25 yards, and out of 20-50 yards he has six touchdowns, four of those being on escape drill plays. So please break down the 41 touchdowns that everyone is so enamored with. Even on the whirlybird huddle break play he was late throwing that ball. He's late consistently, he will not step up in the pocket and throw the ball on time. That is just how loaded this Chief roster has been for the last four years, and he has ONE Super Bowl. I can't believe no one's talking about it. Everyone's anointing him the greatest thing but why does he have one Super Bowl if he’s so good?? Russell Wilson has the same amount of Super Bowls, and Eli Manning has won more than this so-called ‘GOAT’. Until he wins another Super Bowl I'm not even going to discuss him. I think he's gimmicky, I think he's overrated, and I want Kansas City to hear me loud and clear— he's thrown 41 touchdowns and 30 of them have been under 10 yards… Let that sink in. This year was the first time he won the passing title 'most yards in the league', so let's pump the breaks on this whole 'GOAT' thing. Patrick Mahomes has passed for two touchdowns in two Super Bowls. TWO touchdowns in two Super Bowls, with four interceptions. I haven’t said he’s ‘garbage’, I said he was a freak. He can throw the ball from all these different platforms, he has these different deliveries… I said he’s ‘gimmicky’, and he’s in an offense that allows him to be gimmicky. How is it unfair to call him ‘overrated’? ‘COACH, HE THROWS FOR 5,000 YARDS A YEAR!’ ‘COACH, HE THROWS FOR 300 YARDS A GAME!’ Well, he also leads the leads in YAC yards [yards after catch], with 2,801. He’s actually below Geno Smith in actual yards into the teeth of the defense. He’s behind Geno Smith and 20 other quarterbacks in terms of throwing the ball into the teeth of the defense from the line of scrimmage. He leads the league in YAC, that means he gets the ball laterally to somebody and that guy gets him big chunk yards. He leads the league in that, which makes sense when you have 41 touchdowns, with 30 of them being under 10 yards.”

Watch Coach Jason Brown, made famous from his appearances as a JUCO college football coach in Netflix’s popular show ‘Last Chance U’, join Jason Whitlock on 'Fearless' to explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is an ‘overrated gimmick.”

Check out the segment above as well as two more clips below, as Brown destroys the hype around the ‘so-called GOAT’, and details why Mahomes' pristine stats are greatly inflated and distorted.

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