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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Eight Remaining Teams in the NFL Playoffs

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the eight remaining teams in the NFL playoffs after a Wild Card round in which Tom Brady may have played his final game in the NFL after a blowout loss to the Cowboys, the Bills escaped a valiant effort from the two-touchdown underdog Skylar Thompson-led Dolphins, the Bengals beat the Lamar Jackson-less Ravens after one of the most costly fumbles in league history, Daniel Jones put his claim as being a franchise quarterback with a shootout win in Minnesota, the Jaguars completed one of the greatest comebacks of all-time, erasing a 27-0 deficit to stun the Chargers, and the 49ers used a second half blitzkrieg to destroy Seattle.

Here are Colin’s Herd Hierarchy Playoffs Rankings as follows:

8. Giants "They haven't won back-to-back games since Week 7, so let's not go crazy. Daniel Jones ate up an AWFUL Vikings defense. It's a good story but they're going to go to Philadelphia and the truth will come out."
7. Jaguars "Trevor Lawrence is remarkable but here is the problem: they've got holes. You don't fall behind 27-0 at home without being flawed. Their pass defense is a wreck, and I think it's going to get ugly in Kansas City."
6. Cowboys "Let's be honest, this team throws up a stinker about every third or fourth game. They have great individual players but they don't have great individual units. They're a defensive lineman shy, they don't have a no. 2 corner, and they could use another receiver."
5. Bills "They're making too many mistakes, three-plus giveaways in three straight games. They're regressing, I don't like their offensive line, and they play one way. They go for the knockout and when they don't get it they get into these dogfights with clearly less talented quarterbacks like Skylar Thompson."
4. Eagles "I'm a little worried, they're 1-2 since Jalen Hurts was hurt, and they've had some time off now. I worry that they've become turnover-plagued. Sixteen giveaways in their last nine games."
3. Bengals "Three offensive linemen hurt. I had them at no. 1 all season but the problem with that is [a dinged up offensive line] -- it not only hurts the run game but it hurts their vertical pass game. Burrow has to get rid of it faster and that takes away Ja'Marr Chase down the field."
2. 49ers "It's a great story but no rookie quarterback has ever led a team to a Super Bowl appearance in NFL history. Brock Purdy is very athletic and super mobile. This offense has scored 37+ points in four straight games. This is not a mirage, he's an upgrade over Garoppolo."
1. Chiefs "A lot of this is because Cincinnati's offensive line issues. Andy Reid is 27-4 off a bye, including playoffs. Jacksonville, thanks for flying United, your season is over."

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