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Jason Whitlock Says There's Nothing 'Courageous' About US Women's Soccer

Jason Whitlock: “ESPN, the 'Worldwide Leader in Lies', seems rather determined to redefine and lower the standard for what constitutes ‘courage.’ In the course of two decades the network's award for courage went from Pat Tillman sacrificing his life in military combat, to a group of lying narcissists fighting for a pay bump. Courage ain't what it used to be. The Disney-owned sports network labeled the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team as ‘courageous’ for its highly effective propaganda campaign to elevate player salaries. At its annual ESPY Awards, ESPN bestowed the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on the spoiled, greedy, and delusional soccer squad. Before taking the stage to smugly accept their award and embellish their arduous journey for equality, ESPN set the tone with a dishonest highlight video that smeared one of its former employees. Will Cain, now a talk show host for Fox News was cast as a misogynist pig standing in the way of equal pay for female soccer players. He explained that the salary and bonus pay for the U.S Women's National Team is drawn from the revenue created by the Women's World Cup, which is around $130 million. The men’s national team is paid from the revenue created by the men's World Cup, which is around $6 billion. On a percentage basis, American women are paid astronomically more than the men. Furthermore, Cain rejects the idea of equal pay because he believes all people should get what they're worth. The sports world has completely re-imagined ‘courage’ in just 20 years. The ESPY’s were a low point for the Arthur Ashe Award, and yes, I'm well aware that ESPN previously handed the same award to a gay, late-round NFL draft pick, Michael Sam, and Bruce Jenner for changing his name, style of dress, and pronouns. This is worse. Sam and Jenner at least risk ridicule. The U.S women's National Soccer Team has been the toast of the American media since Brandi Chastain stripped to her sports bra in 1999. They're the most celebrated and entitled athletes on the planet. The penalty for questioning the outright lies they tell to line their pockets is expulsion from the mainstream media. To remain in the good graces of corporate media you're required to pretend Megan Rapinoe and company faced fire hoses, police canines, burning crosses, and lived on government cheese to win a gold medal. It's all a lie. The lies being propagated in hopes that WNBA players are successful in executing the same scam. Despite losing millions of dollars annually, corporate media continues to argue that the tall, tatted lesbians of the WNBA are worthy of massive pay increases and private travel. Anyone noticing a pattern? The lies all seem to serve the same special interest group. Brittney Griner, Michael Sam, Caitlyn Jenner, Megan Rapinoe, William ‘Leah’ Thomas, and on and on, all play for the ‘Alphabet Mafia.’ Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety, joined the military after 9/11. He thought he was defending America and avenging an awful crime. In January, former NFL running back Peyton Hillis nearly died after jumping into the ocean to save his niece and son from drowning in a rip current. He spent three weeks in the hospital recovering. It was quite the act of heroism, but in modern society that doesn't compare to a group of women using the media to blackmail the U.S Soccer Federation out of $24 million... We’ve been convinced that they’re owed a ‘debt.’ It’s a lie. No country on the planet has invested more money in the development and safety netting of women than the United States. The return on that investment has not improved this country, it's only increased the number of people, groups, and identities seeking reparations.” (Full Segment Above)

Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ ripped ESPN for awarding the United States Women’s National team the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at their annual ESPY awards, as Whitlock called it the lowest point in the history of the award. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the equal pay saga surrounding the US men’s and US women’s soccer teams is a ‘scam'.  

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