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Video Captured After Alleged Perrion Winfrey Incident is Released

Photo: Jason Miller

Police released footage captured after the alleged incident involving former Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey and two female victims in downtown Cleveland last week, FOX 8 News reports.

The video, which was shared by FOX 8 News without sound, shows the two women speaking with Cleveland Police Department officers after Winfrey had already left the scene. The women are seen showing cell phone footage of the incident, however, the body camera doesn't provide a clear look at the cell phone.

Winfrey was released by the Browns last Wednesday (July 19) amid allegations that he chased threatened two women while in possession of a gun in downtown Cleveland the previous night, his second off-field incident since April, FOX 8 News reports.

An Instagram story shared hours before Winfrey's release included a man repeatedly asking "you don't think it's on me?" and threatening to "smack the s*** out of both of y'all" as a woman, who addressed the man as "Perrion" and identified him in her caption, held the camera while she and a female friend attempted to walk away.

"Perrion Winfrey just chased us barefoot out of the nine pointed his (gun emoji) at me and put his hands on me stole both of my phones and pulled off," the woman wrote in the Instagram story caption. "Listen to this s*** him and Cous r f*****g crazy for no reason. Camera footage is coming."

The story also included a caption in which the woman claimed she was "literally scared to go home" and then showed a visible bruise on her neck with the caption, "This is what you stand for ?!?? @clevelandbrowns."

The women told police that they both knew Winfrey, 22, prior to the incident. The former Oklahoma standout has not yet been charged or arrested in relation to the incident.

Winfrey was previously arrested in relation to a physical altercation with his girlfriend during an argument in Harris County, Texas in April. The 22-year-old was charged with misdemeanor assault of a family member, according to court documents obtained by ESPN.

Police said Winfrey grabbed his girlfriend and "unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly" caused "bodily harm" during the alleged incident, which was reported to have taken place at around 7:00 p.m. on April 10 and stemmed from a disagreement about a dog and keys to a rental car. Winfrey, along with teammate Greg Newsome II, was reported to be robbed at gunpoint during an incident in a parking lot outside a local nightclub last month.

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