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Colin Cowherd Picks Either Trevor Lawrence or Star NFL QBs For Next 5 Years

Colin Cowherd decides whether he would rather have Trevor Lawrence or notable NFL quarterbacks for the next five years.

Trevor Lawrence or Russell Wilson?

“Very difficult, but as I’ve told you, I don’t like the current situation with Seattle, and Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. This was my hardest choice. I’m going to go TREVOR LAWRENCE. This is the hardest choice. I don’t think Russell Wilson will be in Seattle in one or two more years, and if he doesn’t go there I don’t know if I love it. Russell Wilson, because of his salary, is going to strap whoever he plays, and I don’t always trust Seattle’s drafting history. This isn’t even being negative it’s just concern for Russell Wilson.”

Trevor Lawrence or Justin Herbert?

“I would go Justin Herbert. I think he’s stronger and I think he’s got a better arm. Herbert is 22 years old and set an NFL rookie record with 30 touchdown passes. Herbert also has a very good football team around him. We don’t know if Jacksonville is going to get there. Both guys are also not going to cost you anything for the foreseeable future.”

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin picks between Lawrence or Lamar Jackson, Lawrence or Josh Allen, Lawrence or Aaron Rodgers, Lawrence or Tom Brady, Lawrence or Joe Burrow, Lawrence or Matthew Stafford, Lawrence or Kyler Murray, Lawrence or Dak Prescott, and Lawrence or Patrick Mahomes.

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