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Mike Evans, NFL Addressed Controversial Incident With Referee

Photo: Eakin Howard

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and the NFL have both denied that he was requested an autograph by a referee after Sunday's (October 23) loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Video captured after the game showed side judge Jeff Lamberth calling Evans' name before the All-Pro wide receiver wrote something on a card given to him by line judge Tripp Sutter and handed it back to Lamberth.

Evans told Buccaneers senior writer and editor Scott Smith that his interaction with the two officials was about golf and that he didn't sign an autograph, which would be a violation of league rules.

The NFL also issued a statement denying Evans gave the referee an autograph.

"After speaking with the individuals involved, we have confirmed that the postgame interaction between [side judge] Jeff Lamberth, [line judge] Tripp Sutter, and Mike Evans did not involve a request by the game officials for an autograph," the statement read. "Both Lamberth and Sutter have been reminded of the importance of avoiding even the appearance of impropriety when interacting with players, coaches, and club staff on gameday -- including during the pregame and postgame time periods."

NFL Network Tom Pelissero reports that Evans gave Lamberth -- a fellow Texas A&M alum -- his "phone number to pass it along to a golf pro to give Evans lessons," which he wrote on paper borrowed from Sutter.